Dermalogica Skincare System

(Clients will be guided in it's usage)


Deep Cleanse 

A monthly maintenance treating all skin types.  £37.50


Skin Renewal

Recommended as a course of 6 treatments. A mask

of hydroxy acids will help to renew the skin thus giving

a fresher, youthful & smoother skin.  £37.50


Multi-Vitamin Power Exfoliation

Recommended as a course of 6 treatments.

Treats environmentally damaged skin.

Patch test is required 24 hours prior to appointment.  £37.50


The Back Facial

Includes exfoliation, drainage massage & mask.  £41.00


(Non Surgical)

Re-educates muscles to tighten & tone,

helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines


x 1 Session  £30.00


x 11 Sessions  £300.00


Make-up that cares for your skin


Lesson in Application  £27.00


Bridal Application

including trial run  £50.00


*A patch test is required 24 hours prior to appointment


Lash Tint* £9.00


Brow Tint* £7.50


Lash/Brow Tint* £16.00


Brow Trim £8.00


Brow Re-shape £9.00


Manicure  £17.00


Shellac Manicure  £25.00


Manicure & Paraffin Wax £23.00


File & Polish  £9.50


Shellac Polish  £20.00


Pedicure  £21.00


Shellac Peicure  £30.00


Pedicure & Paraffin Wax  £28.00


Minx Nail Design  £25.00


The Beauty Clinic Terms

All treatments are available as a pre-paid course of 11 treatments charged as 10.


The Beauty Clinic Cancellation Policy

The Management reserve the right to charge for treatments where clients haven’t given 24 hours notice of cancellation.


Consultations for diagnosis & recommendation are available free of charge.


A relaxing treatment reducing levels of stress

& increasing body energy to promote total well-being  £27.00


Full Leg

including bikini line  £27.00


3/4 Leg  £19.00


1/2 Leg £14.50


Bikini Line  from  £10.00


Brazilian Hollywood  (all off)  £14.00


Under Arm  £8.00


Fore Arm  £11.00


Chest/Back  £16.00


Upper Lip  £7.00


Chin  £7.00


Upper Lip & Chin  £12.00


Disposable safety needles and gloves used


5 Minutes  £14.00


15 Minutes  £15.00


30 Minutes  £16.00


Red Vein Removal – 10 minutes  £20.00


Full Body Massage  £37.00


Back & Shoulder Massage £20.50


Salt Scrub

Using Dead Sea salts & a blend of oils  £27.00


Body Wraps 

Clay or gel mixed for each individual need  £37.00


Body Package

Scrub followed by wrap finishing with warm shower £55.00


St. Tropez Spray Tan

Quick drying formula which gives a smooth, even tan.

(Recommend no contact with water for a minimum 5 hours) £20.00


Rei – universal

Ki – life force

– the non-phsical energy which gives life to all living things


Using hands-on sequences, Reiki simply allows energy to flow through the hands, to the recipient. This gentle therapy activates

the bodie’s natural ability to heal – releasing blocked energy, stress, anxiety & depression, aiming to restore balance & give the client immense peace & well being. Works on underlying causes of an illness as well as the symptoms.


1 Hour  £36.00